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QUESTION:  Can I use in-Lion to email images that are currently saved on my PC?

ANSWER:  No. In-line images, such as the ones that your web-based email service allows in your outgoing emails, can only consist of links to online images, not the actual image files. (You can always send actual image files as attachments.) One way around this limitation is to upload your images to an image sharing service, such as Picasa. This will then give you the online link(s) to the image(s) that you need.

QUESTION:  Some of the images that I included in my outgoing emails, using in-Lion, came through "blank". The image was missing and only showed a "place-keeper" box instead. Other images were fine. Why is this?

ANSWER:  This is a fault in the handling of the Rich Text email composer sometimes when you try to insert images. Tip: You may spot a pattern in the email service you use that will indicate the conditions that this is likely to happen. Keep your eyes open for these "glitches" and you may be able to avoid them. Each email service is a little different.

QUESTION:  Big problem. I just downloaded in-Lion, and when I tried to run it for the first time, the splash screen said that "The Trial Period Has Expired". Huh?

ANSWER:  First, don't panic. We are aware that some users have encountered a bug that has popped up with the registration module. We are trying to find the cause and fix it. The good news is there's a simple answer to this problem. If you encounter this problem, please go to the 'Help' page for the way around this issue. We're sorry for the annoyance.

QUESTION:  Sometimes when I try to drag an image from the in-Lion toolbar into my email compose box, the webpage I'm on changes to another page with just the image I'm dragging. And worse, when I click the back button on my browser to get back to the email I'm writing, it's gone. I have to start over. What's up with this? :(

ANSWER:  What has happened is that you accidentally placed the image outside the compose box; maybe the mouse slipped. When that happens, your browser understands this only as an attempt to view the image, not to put it into the email compose box.

Solution: some care is needed to avoid this, obviously, but a more useful answer may be to not drag images without first copying the text of your email to the clipboard (as one safeguard). Or you can try dragging all the images you need first, before typing your message. A little care this way will greatly reduce this problem, and the aggravation.

QUESTION:  How do I contact Dashworks if I need to?

ANSWER:  You can contact us by going to the Dashworks contact page, located at

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